What is that Stinky Face all about?


If you have been around cats much, you have probably noticed that funny looking face they make when they smell something very intensely. A face I affectionately refer to as ‘Stinky Face’. Usually their stinky face leaves me in stitches cause it’s so stinkin’ funny (pun intended!).

Did you know that there is a physiological reason for that Stinky Face? Cats have an organ in the roof of their mouths that is behind their front teeth, it's called a Jacobson’s organ. The scent is captured on the tongue and gets picked up by the Jacobson’s organ which then tells the cat about what they just smelled. It can give them extrasensory information about their environment and the objects in it and is especially attuned for picking up other feline’s pheromones. When your cat makes Stinky Face they are actually really into whatever they just smelled. Pretty awesome huh?!

Next time you see stinky face, get a good laugh out of it and think on just how fabulous cats really are!

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