The Cat that Saved My Life

His name was Hugo and to me he was the most handsome black and white tuxedo cat. I first met him when I was about 11,  he was a big burly tomcat that showed up from out of nowhere and hung around until he got some food.

Hugo also had two 'lady friends' with him and we thought they would all disappear after they ate but they only left for the day and would return the next evening until it was time to eat again. This continued for quite a while and eventually we caught all three of them and got them 'fixed'. But I specifically developed a special bond with Hugo.

As the weeks and months went on, Hugo ended up becoming my special bedroom guest. No one knew it at the time but he would also become my life preserver.

My childhood was very traumatic and was only getting worse as time went by. I fell into a deep depression at a very young age and eventually became suicidal. But every time I thought about leaving everything, I would remember Hugo. Who would take care of him? Who would love him and feed him?

So my life's purpose in that season became taking care of Hugo. I decided that we would get through things together. When the days were too hard and the nights were too long, I would hold Hugo tight and talk to him like he was my best friend. Because he truly was my best friend.

It took a long time before life got easier, but through it all, I had my Hugo and he had me. We were best friends until the very end. He had a long happy life, and I was so very glad for that.  Because after all, he was the cat that saved mine.

xoxo & purrs,


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