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Lessons Learned from Cats (#2)

Lessons Learned from Cats (#2)
You know the drill: it’s super early in the morning and your kitty wakes from his deep peaceful slumber and starts out on his daily mission…to get what he wants from you. And usually that’s food or attention (or a combination of both!)

What is that Stinky Face all about?

What is that Stinky Face all about?
If you have been around cats much, you have probably noticed that funny looking face they make when they smell something intensely. A face I affectionately refer to as ‘Stinky Face’. But why exactly do they that?...

Cat Body Language Cheat Chart

Cat Body Language
Did you know that your cat's tail (and body) is actually a super accurate communication device? When we know what they are thinking, feeling and ...

The Cat that Saved My Life

The Cat That Saved My Life
His name was Hugo and to me he was the most handsome black and white tuxedo cat. I first met him when I was about 11,  he was a big burly tomcat th...

Lessons Learned from Cats (#1)

Lessons Learned From Cats
Never, ever give up! Think little red dot. You know, the kind made by laser lights. I don't know about you but my cats will chase those little red...